Q: Is Diverse Sports PT contracted with AHS?
A: Diverse Sports Physical Therapy is currently working on contracting with the AHS.

Q: What are the prices of each treatment?
A: The cost of the treatment will be communicated clearly at the time of booking.

Q: How will WCB and MVA be paid for?
A: All WCB and MVA related injuries will be followed through the WCB contract and as well as the car insurance companies. You as a patient have the right to seek treatment from any physiotherapy clinic of your choice for your MVA and WCB injuries. Our clinic follows and abides by the rules and regulations of both WCB and MVA to offer you up to date information.

Diverse Sports Physical Therapy

Q: Do any of your treatments need physician’s referral?

A: Orthotics needs a referral from the physician for reimbursement purposes. However, if one does not carry a benefit program and would like to receive a pair of orthotics, the Physician’s referral is not needed to be assessed by our expert technicians.

Q: Are there student discounts?
A: Student fee agreement between Gallivan/GWL and our clinic provides easy access for students to physiotherapy and massage therapy services for a low cast of 60.00 PT assessment, and 30.00 PT treatment, and 50.00 one-hour massage therapy session. This is only for students who have extended health benefits with Gallivan /GWL. Students must provide their student ID as well they need to bring a referral for the mentioned services from their physicians in order to get reimbursed by GWL.

Q: Do veterans have the ability to pay with their insurance plan?
A: Veterans will have access to their direct billing Blue Cross Plan.

Q: How does a normal appointment run?
A: Upon 10 minute early arrival, patients are asked to fill out the necessary forms. Patients are welcomed to the clinic and subjective and objective assessment will determine the diagnosis. Treatment will then follow the diagnosis.

Q: How long is a normal treatment?
A: The first visit normally take 1 hour and depending on the areas of involvement, follow up treatments will take sometime between 30 minutes to one hour.

Q: Can you order diagnostic tests when needed?
A: When needed, we can order diagnostic investigations such as X-Ray, Ultrasound and MRI.

Q: What is important to follow if one suffers from Vestibular and Dizziness or concussion before their appointments?
Patients are asked to stop their Serc medicine as Serc masks nystagmus and becomes a barrier to an appropriate diagnosis.

Diverse Sports Physical Therapy