divers sports physical therapy calgary


Often times, our patients come in for a specific issue, but discover something more. Diverse Sports Physical Therapy goes beyond just the obvious problems, and treats the root of the issue for permanent musculoskeletal healing

divers sports physical therapy calgary

Customized Therapy Programs

Massage, acupuncture, nutritional and weight loss programs, custom-made shoe insoles and options for custom made sandals – we use many different tools and methods to balance out your body and provide comprehensive wellness that is tailored for your needs.

divers sports physical therapy calgary

Patient Results

Diverse Sports Physical Therapy places great emphasis on patient education and awareness of symptoms. This will create increased compliance as well as independence in treating one’s symptoms.


Are you suffering from persistent issues, recent injuries, pelvic floor symptoms (male or female), car accident, work related injuries, concussion related dizziness and balance disorder? And are you looking for solutions that can make a permanent difference in your functional activities? Come see us at Diverse Sports Physical Therapy and achieve the healthy functional balance that you have been searching for. Diverse Sports Physical Therapy relies upon a multi-faceted, multi-disciplined integrated approach to patient care. Each treatment plan is tailored specifically to patient’s needs.

We also have contracts for students, veterans and RCMP.

Diverse Sports Physical Therapy

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